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2013 Paul E. Torgersen Award

Application for the Paul E. Torgersen Graduate Student Research Excellence Award


The College of Engineering Graduate Student Committee thanks you for your interest in the 2013 Paul E. Torgersen Award. Each year, the College of Engineering showcases the top research performed by graduating Masters and Doctoral students. We are proud to coordinate this annual event and look forward to your submission.  

Please feel free to contact the event coordinator, Barbara Crawford (bcrawfrd@vt.edu) with any questions.


Award Schedule

April 11th:

12:00     Set up the Museum for the event.

1:30      Poster presenters arrive and set up.

2:00       Poster presentations and judging.

4:30      End of poster presentations and judging.

5:00      Reception.

5:30      Speaker - Dan Sable.

5:45      MS Presentations

6:45      Break.

7:00      Speaker - Francine Battaglia.

7:15      PhD Presentations.

8:15      Dean Lesko remarks while scores tabulated.

8:30      Dean Lesko gives awards.

Conclusion and Clean up.


Competition Details


Oral Presentations,PhD:

1st - 1000$

2nd - 750$

3rd - 500$

Oral Presentations,MS:

1st - 700$

2nd - 500$

3rd - 300$


1st - 250$

2nd - 150$

3rd - 100$


1st - 200$

2nd - 100$

3rd - 50$


1. Applicants must have an actual or anticipated graduation date in 2013/2014.

2. Previous applicants for the 2010 Torgersen Award may reapply this year; however, judges expect to see significantly different contributions on the most recent submission.

3. Applicants must be in one of the departments in the College of Engineering.


Application must be submitted by before 11:59pm March 15, 2013

Finalists will be notified by March 25, 2013

Presentations and Awards Ceremony will be on April 11, 2013

Application Requirements:

PET Application and Cover sheet

1. Cover sheet (attached). The advisor's signature on this sheet indicates approval of the material contained within the application. No letter of recommendation is required; however, the cover sheet should be submitted as a scanned copy, whereas the abstract should remain electronic. All submitted files must be PDF documents or they will be disqualified. There will be strict adherance to this policy.

2. A description of the work in an extended abstract format. This is not to exceed two pages in length including figures and tables. An additional page may be used to include any references. Margins must be one inch on all sides. The font must be no less than 12 point. Applications exceeding the page limit or failing to follow the margin and font requirements will be automatically disqualified. The application should describe the applicant's research in terms that can be reasonably understood by engineers of varying disciplines. Particular care should be taken to highlight the motivation, uniqueness, and scientific contribution of the work.

3. Reference should not be included in the same document as the abstract. This will aid our blind selection of abstracts.

4. The header of the abstract should only contain the Student Identification Number and either an M.S. or a Ph.D. designation, as the judging will be blind. Please follow the form as shown in the Word document above or the application will be disqualified.

Judging Overview:

All submissions will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary judging committee to select finalists. The top three Masters and three Doctoral submissions will be chosen to give a 15 minute oral presentation for the top prizes in each category. Each presentation will be judged as part of the Presentations and Awards Ceremony on April 11.

In addition, the judging committee will select additional 5 Masters and 5 Doctoral submissions to give poster presentations as part of the Presentations and Awards ceremony. The poster presentations will be done electronically, using laptops provided by the organizing committee. The selected finalists for the posters will have to provide a software requirement list to the organizing committee. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three poster presentations in each degree level.


Judges will be looking for:

1. Conveyance of the overall research motivation

2. Originality, uniqueness, and scientific significance of the results.

3. Apparent contribution of the student.

4. Ability to communicate effectively.